PMIS - Network Server

The PMIS® Network Server product provides a TCP/IP server interface to the PMIS program. This interface can be used in a client-server system to perform image acquisition, image processing, and equipment control functions from remotely located host computer(s). Due to the inherent power of the PMIS command line interpreter, a remote host can easily and completely control any supported sensor system as well as any external imaging equipment interfaced to the PC. Image processing and/or analysis tasks can be optionally performed before transferring image data to the host computer. This product can also be used to provide remote access to data collected directly from optional PC hardware components. This product, in combination with the PMIS Network Client product, can provide a complete client/server camera control and image acquisition system.

Using a simple command protocol, the following primitive functions can be performed from any computer which has TCP/IP access to the machine running the PMIS Network Server product;

PMIS Network Server requires functionally stable network hardware and software components, readily available for most host environments. The PMIS Network Client product can be used to provide a complete Windows based client/server system. Information about UNIX based client products is also available.

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