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A more detailed revision history is always available for the curious.

PVCAM32 Update

May 29, 2003

  • The latest release (2.6.7) of the 32 bit PVCAM driver produces errors when PMIS starts and when the Image\Acquire\Expose... menu item is accessed, depending on the camera type. An update of PMIS for PVCAM32 can be downloaded here. Simply copy the update file to your PMIS installation directory and decompress it.
  • GKRCC in Munich

    September 17, 2001

  • GKR Computer Consulting has completed its move to the Munich area. We are still committed to providing the best image processing products and technical support to our many loyal customers. A major version update to PMIS is being completed and will be tested for release soon.
  • GKRCC Moving to Munich

    April 16, 2001

  • GKR Computer Consulting will be moving its headquarters to Munich, Germany in the summer of 2001. We will continue to support all current customers and will continue to improve PMIS.
  • Apogee support discontinued

    July 25, 2000

  • Support for camera systems from Apogee Instruments, Inc. was dropped because of contract disputes.
  • PMIS 4.1.3

    January 21, 2000

  • Under certain circumstances the MINMAX command reported the coordinate of the minumum or maximum pixel value incorrectly. This problem indirectly affected the FWHM command. Both commands have been fixed and thoroughly tested.
  • PMIS 4.1.2

    September 8, 1999

  • The internal SHIFT command does not work correctly in two cases. A workaround is available in the form of a simple macro SHIFT.CMD that all users can download and install. Read the macro comments for more information.
  • PMIS 4.1

    April 14, 1999

  • Image morphology routines added
  • Support for 32 bit display hardware in 24 bit color mode
  • Support for TCP/IP text based client communication
  • Optional LX200 telescope control command
  • Unrecognized files can be dragged and dropped
  • Images can be scrolled by "pushing" a hand cursor

  • PMIS 4.0.5

    January 12, 1998
    Revision 5 is released mainly to address year 2000 issues;

  • Date display for the TIME command, as well as the I.MTIME and I.CTIME system variables modified to display 4 digit years.
  • TIME, COMREAD, and LPTREAD use system timer to calculate timeout periods.
  • [Options]KeepCaption INI keyword maintains window caption area display.
  • PMIS 4.0.3

    November 21, 1998
    Revision 3 contains the following inprovements and fixes;

  • Added EDGE command for image background and BORDER value estimation
  • Fixed I32SIZE memory size allocation error.
  • Improved CSHIFT command.
  • Fixed IREM acquisition commands.
  • Improved image scrolling.
  • Fixed evaluation of the PIX function in expressions.
  • Improved export of BMP files.
  • Fixed export of very large 16 bit TIFF files.
  • NOTE: NT and Win32 support functions have been consolidated in a single DLL (Pmis32.dll). If you use PMIS under Windows NT, you must download and execute the new NT driver installation program PMISNT.EXE. The installation program is password protected; contact GKRCC to receive individual download instructions.

    PMIS 4.0.2

    September 30, 1998
    This minor update contains multi-camera support for Apogee cameras, as well as a few minor bug fixes.

    August 1, 1998
    The initial release of 4.0.2 contains new functions and menus to support two methods to display information related to image focus during FOCUS mode camera acquisitions. One of these methods estimates the horizontal and vertical full width at half maximum of the maximum intensity area within the current rectangular region of interest. The FWHM calculation is also available from the command line for peak analysis independent of the FOCUS command.

    The FOCUS command was also modified to center the new FOCUS region around right mouse click coordinates. Previous behaviour is still supported by modifying the default value of the PMIS Initialization file entry [Camera]FocusCenter.

    The new MAP32 command allows external Windows 95 and Windows NT processes direct access to the data in the current image frame.

    Optional support for large frame sensors and images (>= 8 Megapixels) is now available, contact GKRCC for details.

    PMIS Version 4.0

    June 15, 1998
    PMIS Version 4.0 is now available. Complete support for camera systems from Apogee Instruments, PCO Computer Optics, and Photometrics is fully integrated. Other cameras will be supported in the near future. PMIS runs well under all current versions of the Windows operating system. All customers that purchased PMIS in 1998 can receive a free upgrade to Version 4.0 by providing proof of purchase material to GKR Computer Consulting.

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