PMIS Hardware Support

If you order any PMIS related products, you must designate one of the following sensor types;

Camera Type Camera Description
No Camera PMIS without local camera control
AT200 Roper Scientific/Photometrics - Series 200
INFRARED Infrared Laboratories, Inc.
PVCAM16 Roper Scientific/Photometrics - 16 Bit PVCAM Drivers
PVCAM32 Roper Scientific/Photometrics - 32 Bit PVCAM Drivers
VCAM PCO Computer Optics GmbH - VarioCam, DiCam, FlashCam
VCAM Roper Scientific/Photometrics - Image Point
VCAM The Cooke Corporation - VarioCam, DiCam, FlashCam
SCAM PCO Computer Optics GmbH - SensiCam
SCAM The Cooke Corporation - SensiCam

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